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Free Home Air Quality Inspections
We check your entire home and look carefully at attic living spaces, crawl spaces, basements, and air duct systems. Our professionals check for evidence of deterioration, mold, moisture, insects, pests, energy loss, and issues that could damage your health, furniture, flooring, foundation, or woodwork.

Inspector, Clean Air

We Provide Numerous Air Quality Tests

  • Whole House Computerized Evaluations
  • "Dirty Sock" Assesments
  • "Sick House" Evaluations
  • Complete Air Quality and Efficiency Diagnostics
  • Analysis of Moisture and Humidity Control
  • Mold Inspections

  Other Services Available:

Whole-House Negative Pressure Testing

These tests check for air leakage and infiltration, which brings in outside air through leaks. Leaks allow pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, insects, gases, smog, humidity, and high/low temperatures to infiltrate your home.

Duct Cleaning 

Our air duct inspections determine if cleaning is needed and if the issues that you're trying to resolve would be helped by cleaning air ducts.

Energy Efficiency Inspections

We professionally test your home's systems and how your home reacts to the environment to see if it's using more energy than necessary. If so, we determine the cause and find a solution.  Whether it is electrical, structural, or mechanical, our team can assess your whole house.

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